How does it works ?

ChessMaster is program based on free and open-source Stockfish UCI chess engine that allow to calculate and find strongest move in chess. ChessMaster consist of 2 parts - desktop application and chrome extension.


Step #1: Install browser extension

At first, install google chrome extension. Extension allow to display strongest move on chess board, configure game settings etc... See more about extension here

Step #2: Install desktop application

Application allow to analyze board and calculate strongest move. Download appliaction archive, unzip the entire folder to any location on your hard drive and launch ChessMaster.exe from the folder. ChessMaster requires a chess engine and by default it use stockfish engine. You don't need any manual configuration Open application and select engine strength. Now configuration is ready, you can open chess sites and start game. See more here

Note: If antivirus detect it as unwanted software (because this application has no public certificate) you need to add it in antivirus white list. Here is virustotal check
ChessMaster application

How does it look like ?


ChessMaster requires a short setup. Please follow these steps:

  • Download archive with the program.
  • Unzip the entire folder to any location on your hard drive and launch ChessMaster.exe from the folder.
  • Now ChessMaster is ready to work !

ChessMaster for Windows (8, 10) - 0.5MB

See more how to install and use trial version on youtube

Download ChessMaster

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6 month Save 20%
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1 year Save 40%
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Lifetime license
1 device
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The trial version allow you to 100 moves per day. To use full version of Chess Master appliaction get license key here. See more plans on purchase page. Having any question ? Checkout our FAQ page or watch Video tutorials page

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