Install chrome extension from google webstore. After installation you need to refresh already opened chess sites to see option bar. Then you need to select your color from Choose your color option. You can setup border color in extension option page by clicking on extension icon. Now extension is ready to work !

Application installation

Download archive with the ChessMaster, unzip the entire folder to any location on your hard drive and launch ChessMaster.exe from the folder using "Run as administrator" option. Now ChessMaster application is ready to work!. See more here

Engine Strength

ChessMaster provide strength configuration from 5 to 20 ( 20 is strongest). When you select strongest strength it will take more time to think. When you play 1 min game recommended strength is 7-11,( 0.1 - 0.4 second for move) for 3 min game strength is 12-16 (0.4 - 0.8 second). You can change strength configuration during the game.

Stockfish configuration

You can setup stockfish engine hash and threads parameters in Config tab.

Supported websites


ChessMaster is pre configured you don't need to any manual configuration. You can change color of displayed moves in option page by clicking on ChessMaster extension icon in browser. To disable extension click on Status button. If you want to see ponder atack you need to activate Show Ponder option.

Supported OS

ChessMaster application works on Windows 8, 10.


After chrome extension installation you will see ChessMaster bar in chess websites.

  • 1) Here you need to select your color
  • 2) Click on button to get best move
  • 3) Best move will displayed here
  • 4) Total spended time on move calculation
  • 5) Click to activate autostep configuration
Note: To use AutoStep option you need to enable it also in ChessMaster application. When AutoStep configuration is enabled, you can click on Get Move button to find next move or just by click on q key in your keyboard. See more here

Engine strength

Engine depth parameter specifies how deep should engine calculate positions. Higher the depth - slower the moves and stronger the play. For example, at depth = 5, the chess engine will play very fast, but very weakly and will make mistakes often. And at depth = 20 engine will play very strong, but moves will be much slower (about 1.5 -3 second for move).

Note * When you select strongest strength it will take more time to think. When you play 1 min game recommended strength is 7-11,( 0.1 - 0.4 second for move) for 3 min game strength is 12-16 (0.4 - 0.8 second).

Setup License

Open Chess master application, go to License tab and paste your license key here. If license key is valid you will see success message.

If you don't have license key you can get it here. See more here

Note * After payment you will get your license key within 1-2 hour. Provide your valid email and license key will send to your email

Note * If you want to update your license key, example if your license key is expired or you want to renew license you need paste your new license key here.

Calculate Best move

Calculate option allow you to solve chess exercises and find mate combination Open Calculate Best move tab, paste FEN value and press calculate button.

Note * If engine not found mate in given moves, (example mate in 2 moves),set engine strength to 100.

AutoStep Configuration

When you enable Autostep configuration ChessMaster will play automatically. You need just click on Get Move button or just q key in keyword.

  • Step 1 Open ChessMaster, go to AutoClick tab (1) select website from dropdown list (2) and press Open Frame button (3)
  • Step 2 After clicking on Open Frame button you need to select your chess board with Frame application. Drag and resize the application to select the exact area of the chessboard, and then click Save.
  • Step 3 After clicking save button you will return to main application. You will see the detected coordinates of the board in the input bar, Now you need to click the Save button and you will see a success message

Note* After saving do not change chess board position try to keep same scroll position in browser, otherwise autostep will not work. See more here


in this section you can change stockfish hash table and threads parameters. Default hash value is 64 MB.

Hidden mode on Lichess

To bypass Lichess cheat detection use Hidden Mode on Lichess option in extension configuration.

First you need to activate autostep option.

Click on extension icon to navigate to extension configuration page and enable Hidden Mode on Lichess option.

Now color will be selected automatically. Just press q key to calculate best move

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